KIKA – Skopje Hacklab – Status Information Dashboard

Responsive web design, front-end web development and icon design for KIKA hacklab and its status information dashboard page.

The page is hosted GitHub and available at It includes almost all available information about the current state of the hacklab, such as:

  • Information about whether the hacklab is currently open or closed and for how long
  • The number of signed in, out of the total devices, discovered on the local network
  • The current Download and Upload traffic on the local network
  • The current temperature in the hacklab
  • A Twitter widget showing one tweet related to KIKA or Free Software Macedonia
  • Graphical representation of the number of signed-in/total network devices during several past hours
  • Graphical representation of the temperature registered in the hacklab during several past hours
  • Information about becoming a Member of the hacklab
  • Bank account information for donations
  • Links to the KIKA blog and other related pages

Bootstrap used for the layout and Flot for the graphs.

The code is available on GitHub, within the repository.